Marie was just a mom, a wrangler of happy children, relishing every moment of watching her kids grow. But one fateful day all of that would change. In an instant, every life in this once-happy family would be turned upside down as their youngest child was taken.

What is the proper response to having your toddler taken? Do you run into the streets, searching? Do you stay at home waiting by the door? Who do you call first? The police? A private detective? And with parents committing suicide daily, due to the overwhelming terror of not knowing if their child is safe, hurting, dead or alive, how do you continue breathing? 

Marie has taken her family’s pain and turned it into the guidebook they would have wanted. Reaching back through the years, to the beginning of this nightmare, she starts from day one and walks parents through the coping mechanisms that not only allowed her family to survive, but thrive in adversity.

“Marie's book was personally a Godsend for me, I highly recommend this for any parent experiencing parental alienation.” -Kevin Teeple, Senior Business Strategist for Tony Robbins

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Winner of the 2017 New Apple Literary Award.

Bronze medal winner of the 2018 Readers' Favorite Literary Award.

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Responses to reading Strength

"That detective is a super-hero! They need to make a movie about him." 

"I could have prevented my friend's suicide if I had read this sooner." 

"This book isn't just for parents of missing children, it's for everyone who wants to find their purpose in life."

"Finally, someone understands me!"

"The reviews are awesome, but the book is even better than the reviews make it out to be!"

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