Bestselling Author - Speaker - Missionary - YouTube Host

An energetic guest with captivating and heart-wrenching stories, Marie helps draw your audience into imagining what life is like for parents with missing children. Her engaging style of honest reflection and humor makes hosts and producers ask her back on the show. 

After experiencing the abduction of her toddler three years ago, Marie began writing. In that time she has become a bestselling author, YouTube host and Christian missionary. Her family learned to survive with a new normal and in the midst of heartbreak, they found out that God's love was big enough to hold their pain. 

Marie's latest book is Strength for Parents of Missing Children: Surviving Divorce, Abduction, Runaways and Foster Care

Strength guides parents through their journey, helping them find joy and deeper purpose in the pain. 

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With the support of her husband and children, Marie endeavors to share God's empowering love with others.   

Get a CliffsNotes version of the Bible through her popular YouTube channel, Bible Stories for Adults.

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Share the love of Christ through God's Love for LGBTQI.

Find life-changing tools in Changing Your Life in Just Ten Days.

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What people are saying: 

"I was unfamiliar with parental alienation until it happened to me. I had no idea how much great stuff was in this book and I want everyone to go out and buy it. I wish it had been around for me years ago. With every page there will be people hanging on to hope, knowing that it happened to someone else, they can get through it. When I first became a victim, I was looking for answers and there was no playbook, now I have a resource to point people to." -Dr. Carlos Rivera

"So simple, yet so deeply profound. While this book is for parents of missing children, it has really lifted my spirits! My children are not missing, thank God, but as life goes on there are other fireballs the devil hurls our way." 

"I wish I would have known this sooner. I recognize some things that I could have shared with my friend who committed suicide from parental alienation. I didn’t know and didn’t really understand. I wish I had found a way to let her know how very much she was loved and that she didn’t have to walk alone! I have learned so much from reading this book!" 

"I can not tell you how much this book means to me, and I haven't even read the entire thing yet! I had to stop reading at one point and ponder the possibilities. Inspiring and uplifting for many life events." 

"Each chapter gets better and better! It's so inspiring."

"I was in tears before I got finished with the first page."

"I have already started sharing this book with multiple PA groups with which I am actively involved. Thank you for writing this book."

"One of my favorite parts was: '...Or, you can take this pain, that was thrust upon you, to propel you into greatness...' Absolutely love it! While this book is for parents of missing children, it has really lifted my spirits! So encouraging."

"I never had a missing child. However, this book has inspired me and I know that the contents will be a great inspiration to all parents who have lost children. Get the book for someone who has lost a child. You will be glad you did."

"They need to hand this book out at every family courthouse because every family needs it!"

"This book is about "missing children" like The Hiding Place is about the holocaust. It's really a story about God's power in the worst situations."

"Someone finally understands."

"This book was written for ME!"

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