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News Stories About Parents
Committing Suicide

Man Pleads for Court Reform in Suicide Note

Woman Commits Suicide After Kids Taken into Foster Care

Story Ideas:

-How to stay sane when life flips upside down.

-How pain tricks you into hopelessness and how to stop it.

-Veteran reveals a hidden reason vets are killing themselves.

-Changing your life when you don't have the energy to change your socks.

-5 questions to ask your divorced friends before it's too late.


Why You Need Marie on Your Program

Over 2 million parents in the United States have experienced a missing child. 

Many parents die due to the stress and heartbreak of losing their child to divorce, abduction or being taken into foster care. Veterans suffering from PTSD are among the number of parents who end their lives due to the loss of contact with their children. 

Hurting parents need a guidebook by a parent who has lived the very thing they are going through. 

Marie White went beyond her own struggle to impart hope, help and healing for parents with missing children. She contacted experts in the fields of abduction, parental alienation, grief, and divorce, to contribute to the book. 


Why Marie Writes for the LGBT Community